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Windows and Doors

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  • A panel …for a lifetime!!!

    Trust the know-how of our company. Choose a Interplast aluminium panel and replace it only when you decide.

    Changing panels due to glass breaking

  • Interplast aluminum proposal!!!

    Interplast presents her own proposal to pressed aluminum panels.

    New designs and unique glasses compose an impressive collection.

  • Panel with a name & identity. Interplast Panels!!!

    Each panel has its own identity Through an excellent tracking system, each panel is checked in every stage of production procedure and its history is recorded.

    The product is delivered with its own identity.

    An identity that certifies its high credibility.

  • Streets of beauty!!!

    Install a Interplast panel in your space and discover how many forms beauty can take.

  • Decorate your space!!!

    With the right combination of colors and patterns, a panel can be transformed in a piece of art in your space!

  • Beauty and simplicity!!!

    Panels, simple and beautiful that fits your space aesthetically and functionally and at the same time they are durable and unique.

  • Aluminium Panel

    The exemplary construction is a point of reference.
    With strict and accurate measurements and qualifications, Interplast is presenting her new aluminium panel series.

  • Energy saving with Interplast Aluminum Panels!!!

    Shield your space from the outer conditions and enjoy the warmth of your home.

    With certified measurements Interplast aluminum panels promise optimal thermal and sound coefficient.

  • Aluminium profiles E1000

    E1000 is a compact 40mm and 48mm sash system (for straight and round profiles accordingly) that meets all the quality requirements and is certified according to the highest European standards. Finally, the system offers a wide range of accessories designed by ΕΤΕΜ that guarantee long lasting functionality and durability.

    Ε1000 offers:
    • High aesthetics and functionality
    • Economically attractive solutions
    • Safe constructions
    • Multiple solutions, especially for main entrances
    • Adequate sealing
    • A capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods – anodizing

  • Aluminium profiles E45 ECS

    Ε45 belongs to the new generation of thermal insulated opening systems. With the primary concern to conserve energy in building structures, E45 is designed to meet a great variety of functional and aesthetic requirements.

    Ε45 offers:
    • High energy savings (thermal insulation) due to low Uf values
    • Exceptional in its category (60mm width) water tightness and sound reduction characteristics
    • Solutions for all construction needs
    • Straight-line and rounded profiles
    • Perfect quality/cost ratio
    • Maximum security as it is possible to use multiple perimetric locks
    • Capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods – anodizing

  • Aluminium profiles E75 ECS

    Ε75 is an opening system specially designed and manufactured to meet the modern era Energy Conservation requirements in building construction.

    Ε75 offers:
    • Reinforced profiles at load bearing points
    • Elegant straight or curved line
    • Reliable pivot mechanism
    • Multiple locks, hinges adjustment and fast mounting
    • Multiple variations of door finishing at floor level
    • New elegant series with concealed sash
    • Mechanism for smoke proof doors according to safety regulations
    • Possibility of mounting anti-burglar hardware


    • With plastic connection corners and 90o cutting of the profile, for quick and easy assembly, they are the perfect solution for small (and even large) windows, where there is no need for an opening screen.
    • By adding a crossbar to the fixed frame, you may easily assembly fixed frames for large openings.
    • The mesh is made of “soft” fiberglass that does not decay or burn and is so elastic that may stretch perfectly on the door offering an attractive aesthetic effect.
    • Alternatively, an aluminum screen or a “pet-screen” made of extremely resistant fiberglass may be used, which resists insects as well as the nails of your pet.

    The installation is extremely easy, while the possibility to add a brush or a magnet on the fixed frame profile facilitates the montage on any unusual construction you might want to build.

Showing 1–12 of 71 results