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  • Inoform SL25 Thermal Sliding door high level of insulation and sound reduction offering elegant constructions and satisfying large-scale requirements.

    • Watertightness 6A
    • Resistance to high wind loads up to class C2 / B3
    • Air permeability, class 4
    • Sound reduction index db 34 dB
    • Burglar resistance tested to NPD
    • Thermal insulation Uf (W/m2K) 3,0
    • Thermal insulation UD (W/m2K)* 1,9
    • *Sizes: 1.230 x 1.480 mm και Ug=1,1 W/m2K
    • Leaf Depth in mm 38
  • Inoform SL20 Sliding door combines functionality with security, longevity and aesthetics.

  • Schüco Sliding System ASS 70 FD

    The door leaf stack folds easily, with minimal force, inward or outward, and slides to the right and/or to the left. The door leaves roll almost silently on high-quality roller carriages and are securely guided at the top and at the bottom. The individual units are simply folded into a small space and pushed to the side – quick and compact. This creates the ideal connection between the interior and exterior.

  • Schüco Sliding System ASS 70.HI

    The highly thermally insulated aluminium lift-and-slide system provides perfect watertightness, excellent sound reduction and burglar resistance up to RC2/(WK2). Almost silent and easy to use, ASS 70.HI allows access to a balcony, terrace or conservatory. Since the sliding leaves run on one level, there are no door leaves opening inwards or outwards. This provides you with more space for your interior.

  • Schüco Sliding System ASS 77 PD

    The ASS 77 PD (Panorama Design) sliding system can be used for large-scale sliding systems with maximum transparency. The design is characterised by minimal profile face widths and an outer frame which is concealed in the attachment to the building structure. Along with the design, the aluminium sliding door appeals with its excellent thermal insulation to passive house standard. Profile-integrated automatic drive and lock technology maximises user comfort.

  • Etem E19

    The system design is a 32mm width sash with a wide range of decorative solutions and proposals for all types of constructions. E19 is a system with excellent certifications in its category, such as Water and Air Tightness, ergonomic design, contemporary appearance, straight forward assembly and effortless functionality all of which are combined in the most economical use of materials which at the end render an affordable frame with the best quality to price ratio.

    Ε19 offers:
    • Capability of constructing all different typologies in a straight-lined and curved form
    • Financially acceptable solutions which can meet all structural demands
    • Safe constructions combined with a perfect aesthetic result
    • Ability to use 3-point licking system.
    • Security, durability and effortless functionality in use
    • Capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods – anodizing

  • Etem E52 ECS

    E52 is a 38mm width sash system ideal for medium to large openings. Its innovative design with features such as the use of polyamides up to 34mm wide, the ability of the system to carry heavy glass weights using Stainless Steel rails that ensure durability and functionality over time and the ability to construct frames with Anti Burglar certifications, are all features that, in combination with the very good technical characteristics, render E52 an excellent choice for a sliding Thermal Insulating system.

    Ε52 offers:
    • A capability of creating durable constructions for large and medium openings
    • A perfect end result, in straight or square lines, which is mainly due to the wide range of profiles
    • Increased security due to the sue of a three-point lock
    • Optimum tightness
    • Smooth and safe use due to the special mechanisms used
    • A capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods – anodizing

  • Aluminium systems ETEM E50


    Watertightness 8A
    Resistance to high wind loads up to class B3 / C2
    Air permeability, class 4
    Sound reduction index db 40 dB
    Burglar resistance tested to RC2
    Thermal insulation Uf (W/m2K) 3,0
    Thermal insulation UD (W/m2K)* 1,7
    *Sizes: 3.000 x 2.480 mm και Ug=0,7 W/m2K
    Installation depth in mm 50

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