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  • Discover new modes of comfort with the TROCAL PremiLine PVC-U sliding system. A sliding door is an important and style shaping element for your house and home. PremiLine profiles give sliding doors an appealing, distinctive look – thanks to the double chamfered sash profiles. The steel reinforcements and the aluminium reinforced centre section provide convincing static properties, also for the generous dimensioning of the sliding elements. A range of frame casements are available for the various installation conditions. So you you can enjoy the maximum freedom when dimensioning the height and width of your door. Comfort to measure.

    • TROCAL PremiLine – the comfortable sliding door system.
    • The sliding elements are exceptionally quiet and smooth running.
    • Extremely long lived thanks to minimised wear.
    • Profiles and frames provide a high level of security.
    • Also larger windowed areas and sliding elements can be realised.
    • Aluminium reinforced centre section with through pull.
    • Distinctive design with gaskets in Black or Light grey.
    • Available in the mos diverse installation and colour variants.
  • This intelligent solution keeps harmful mould out of your living space. REGEL-air 76 can be installed either horizontally above the window or vertically next to it, i.e. in the invisible area of the PVC-U window. In addition, it is easy to clean.

    • Regulates indoor humidity and minimises risk of harmful mould.
    • Constant, uniform supply of fresh air.
    • Ventilates in closed windows as well, and invisible on both the inside and outside.
    • For vertical and horizontal installation.
    • Easy to clean, and quick and easy to install.
    • Easy to retrofit, so ideal for windows that have already been installed.
    • Tested sound insulation up to 43 dB (STC 4).
    • Tightness against driving rain and air passage in accordance with DIN and EU standards.
    • DIN 1946-6 ventilation.
  • In the passive house variant complying with ift guideline WA-15/2, the reinforcing chambers in both the sash and the frame were foam filled with proEnergyTec. This technology achieves the highest thermal insulation values and can be recycled easily at a later date.

    • TROCAL 76 double seal system, passive house suitability complying with ift guideline WA-15/2.
    • Five chamber design with 76 mm installation depth.
    • Requirements for passive house compatible components: Uf < 0.96 W/(m2K) and Uw ≤ 0.8 W/(m2K).
    • The combination with AluClip Pro and proEnergyTec exhibits a Uf value of 0.93 W/(m2K).
    • AluClip Pro takes over a static function in the sash, making steel unnecessary.
    • proEnergyTec – this technology involves foam filling the chambers inside the profile for better thermal insulation.
    • Triple glazing up to 44 mm thick.
    • Elegant aluminium design: painted, powder finished, or anodised – virtually unlimited colour potential.
  • This innovative compound sash of aluminium provides the perfect multiple protection in the one step. The TROCAL 76 double seal AddOn PVC-U window system not only presents a convincing, modern design. Thanks to an additional pane, you receive excellent protection for the integrated louvre. The shutter and sunshade system gives you a pleasant feeling in your home. It is installed between two glass panes where it is protected from the weather. The louvre can be operated manually or with an electric motor.

    • TROCAL 76 double seal AddOn – innovative aluminium compound sash with multiple protection in the one step.
    • Five chamber design with 76 mm installation depth.
    • Addition glass pane for greater thermal insulation.
    • Integrated, weather protected shutter system and sunshade.
    • Enhanced sound and thermal insulation.
    • Also suitable for use on TROCAL 76 double seal AluClip.
    • Simple retrofit, hence ideal for renovation.
    • On the outside, the aluminium cover offers limitless colour schemes, and on the inside reliable functionality and low maintenance.
  • TROCAL 76 AluClip represents a PVC-U window system with an installation depth of 76 mm and an aluminium cover precision fitted to the outside of the window. Aluminium is weatherproof and of lasting value. The material presents a fascinating combination of timeless elegance, colour design diversity, and great stability. What aluminium can’t deliver, is provided by PVC-U, namely the optimal thermal and sound insulation. TROCAL 76 double seal AluClip gives you both: PVC-U and aluminium. In other words, the advantages of both materials united in the one innovative system.

    • TROCAL 76 double seal AluClip.
    • Five chamber design with 76 mm installation depth.
    • Highly insulating double seal system, max Uf value of 1.2 W/(m²K).
    • Sound insulation up to 47 dB – thanks to large glazing options up to 48 mm thick.
    • Efficient manufacture – with straight or mitred connectors.
    • On the outside, elegant aluminium design for virtually unlimited colour potential; on the inside, white PVC-U.
    • Aluminium cover painted in RAL colours, powder finished, or anodised – virtually unlimited colour potential.

    Watertightness 9A
    Resistance to high wind loads up to class C5 / B5
    Air permeability, class 4
    Sound reduction values up to 43 dB
    Burglary protection up to resistance class RC2
    Thermal insulation Uf (W/m2K) 1,3
    Heat transfer coefficient of the window UW (W/m2K)*, 1,3
    *Sizes: 1.230 x 1.480 mm and Ug= 1,0 W/m2K 
    Installation depth mm 70

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