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  • The new solution for block window constructions with a basic depth of 65 mm.

    In combination with the Schüco AvanTec and Schüco TipTronic concealed fittings, Schüco AWS 65 BS meets the very highest standards in terms of both design and ease of use.

  • Continuous centre gasket with Schüco SimplySmart technology now also for series with 65 mm basic depth

    The concept of the continuous centre gasket with Schüco SimplySmart technology is a tried-and-tested solution for Schüco window systems with 75 mm basic depth that is now also being used in the basic depth of 65 mm. As a consequence, markets with only average thermal insulation requirements can also benefit from this technology in future. Here it serves as a supplement to the two design options that were available hitherto with a vulcanised gasket frame and gasket supplied by the metre in combination with moulded pieces made from EPDM.

    The system, which consists of a newly designed centre gasket contour made from fabrication-friendly microcellular rubber and a corner seal, offers an intelligent combination of several functions – self-positioning of the centre gasket, sealing of the mitre cut on the profile and sealant control for optimum sealing of the corner area. In addition to an optimisation of the thermal insulation properties of the overall system, this also ensures that fabrication is even more simple and fault-tolerant with a considerable reduction in fabrication and assembly time. The weathertightness values realised in the process correspond to those achieved for the two fabrication variants that were already available.

Showing all 2 results