Facade systems

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  • The perfect system for narrow and uniform sight lines in the mullion-transom style.

    The highly thermally insulated window system, Schüco AWS 75 WF.SI+, has been specially designed, based on the Schüco block window for the economical manufacture of ribbon windows with storey-height glazing in a mullion/transom style, to meet the highest thermal insulation requirements.

  • Etem Etem Е90

    Etem E90 is designed as an answer to the increased requirements of the contemporary architectural systems for improving the quality and the security of the ready product, reducing the time for installation, the uniqueness of design and the freedom of architectural solutions.
    The Ε90 system offers:

    • Easy- fast – cost-efficient installation without scaffolding
    • Possibility to execute complex modules with various types of materials
    • Variety of cladding solutions
    • Individuality, uniqueness and full freedom of solutions
    • Possibility to combine different materials – glass, ceramics, Etalbond, HPL, stone, PV panels
    • Independence from weather conditions while installing
    • Open system – could be specially adapted to the specific needs of each project

  • Aluminium systems Etem E99

    Etem Ε99 is a modular, tailor-made system, designed for the project Capital Fort in Bulgaria with a height of 126 m. ETEM designed the system in order to answer to the specific needs of the project – high building, easy and secure installation, contemporary design.

    Ε99 system offers:
    • Easy installation without scaffolding
    • Ability to create complex modules with various types of materials and a variety of cladding solutions
    • High quality, factory-produced modules
    • Nearly 70% reduction of installation time
    • Compatible with all ETEM window systems
    • Easy installation and adjustment of the modules


Showing all 3 results